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Introducing the Buttermilks Balms

Climbing Balm + Skin FileButtermilks is happy and excited to introduce our innovative and patent pending idea that will surely benefit one of your most important body parts as a climber – your hands! Made for climbers, by climbers who just so happen to be scientists, we hope you enjoy the 2-in-1 product we’ve created to ease your life and the health of your hands.

After a full day’s session sending at the crag or a few hours at the gym pulling plastic, you’ve probably collected a fair amount of hanging dead skin. You reach for your nail file that’s probably stashed in your chalk bag somewhere to smooth it out. You then examine your raw, red and sore fingertips as you dig through to the bottom of your pack or undress your car for your go-to balm of choice.

Climbers carry enough things to begin with, so why not make things a little easier? At Buttermilks, we decided to jump on the convenience bandwagon and incorporate the skin file to the hand balm. The marriage of the two works together like peas and carrots.

Once you’re done with a full day’s worth of climbing, clean up your hang nails or any loose, dead skin utilizing the skin file and immediately follow up with our vegan balm specially formulated to soothe and heal your sore tips to get you back to sending and climbing strong! Try the whole line for maximum results: Balm ba Balm, Chinn-a-mon, Afternoon Delight, Guacacado, and Always Blue, Always Blue…