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Buttermilks Vegan Chalk: SNOWDAY and Powder Day

Plant Enhanced Climbing Chalk

At Buttermilks, we decided to create a more natural chalk without all the harsh drying agents that leave your skin feeling so dry and cracked even after a climbing session. As scientists, we dug deep into researching better ingredients and collaborating our ideas with which natural binders and plant powders to use that would enhance grip and simultaneously benefit the overall health of our hands. With much success, we’ve formulated two types of chalk:


SNOWDAY – our plant enhanced chunky chalk

Powder Day – for those who enjoy the finer things in life


In the early stages of deciding on which raw materials to use for the chalk, we were exceptionally mindful of making sure we stuck to our ideals and standards. SNOWDAY and Powder Day are made with high quality magnesium carbonate, natural binders, and dual purpose plant powders that not only enhance grip, but help blood coagulation in those times the rock decides to bite back.


SNOWDAY is the perfect balance of chunky and fine chalk. Soothe your soul as you break the chunks between your fingers, and dig into the finer stuff to release the true essence of the plant powders. If you enjoy the finer things in life, Powder Day will provide you with the pillow-y, fluffy texture you’d imagine that rabbit-shaped cloud would feel.


At Buttermilks, we believe in preserving the world we live in as best as we can by making deliberate choices that leave a smaller footprint on our planet. We want to raise awareness to living a sustainable lifestyle as animal agriculture severely contributes to the destruction of wildlife (including endangered species), world hunger, climate and our environment.



Why is our chalk vegan? (trolls read here)


Think about everything you see and touch on a daily basis from the furniture in your home, the sugar you put in your coffee/tea, your desk at work, the flu shot vaccine you got this winter, the glue used to bind the books sitting on your bookshelf, the plastic bags you use to carry your groceries, the phone that’s glued to your hand, or the laptop/computer you use for work. Like it or not, it’s nearly impossible to completely live without any animal by-products in the world we live in today. With that said, I think it’s important to keep an open mind when “vegan” becomes a label for an individual or even a company. We all have different reasons for doing things, and though we may not all agree with each other all the time, there should be no “hierarchy” of being the “most vegan” vegan.


“Vegan” shouldn’t be used as a pretentious term or label. Instead, it should be seen as a lifestyle change in which the individual is deciding to always be mindful of how they choose to spend their dollar and what they choose to put into their bodies. If you’re looking to put your dollars where it matters and find an overall better feel-good chalk (literally and figuratively), Buttermilks SNOWDAY and Powder Day will meet all your needs. We do not test any of our products on animals, nor are there any animal parts used in the process of creating any of our products. We fully recognize magnesium carbonate as a compound may have been tested on animals at some point over its usage in human history. As discussed above, this fact is inescapable with almost everything we use and come in contact with on a daily basis. However, we carefully source our materials from companies who can fulfill our needs along with our ethical standards. We have made great lengths to ensure the quality of our raw ingredients align with our core values and maintain a cruelty-free standard.


With Buttermilks chalk, not only will you feel good on the rock with our plant enhanced formula, but you’ll feel good knowing you’re making a conscious decision to contribute to the betterment of our lives.