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A Peak in Adaptive Climbing

Pictured: Colin with JenFu Cheng, founder of Peak Potential.


Buttermilks is proud to support the first Adaptive Climbing Festival hosted by Peak Potential at Horse Pens 40 on March 1 – March 4, 2018. This is the first major outdoor event for the adaptive climbing community. This exciting occasion provides adaptive climbers and their families from all over the country the opportunity to meet, swap stories, hangout and learn from each other.


The Adaptive Climbing Festival will be a memorable experience for everyone involved, shining a new light from all different perspectives. Being in nature is known to have positive medicinal effects on our mind and bodies. When it’s so readily available, it’s easy to take it for granted. Something that comes so naturally to many of us, like the simple act of being able to go outside and play, may not be perceived by those with disabilities or others around them to be something that is easily accessible for them. This festival and events similar to this help diminish those preconceived notions by showing them firsthand that the outdoors is accessible to anyone and everyone.

Pictured: Peak Potential’s first outdoor event at The Gunks in New York.


Peak Potential, a host of the Adaptive Climbing Festival, is a volunteer run non-profit organization based in New Jersey. They provide children with disabilities the chance to challenge themselves and what they think they can achieve by diving into one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports: rock climbing. They introduce the children to the sport of rock climbing, teach them the basics on how to climb, and even take them outdoors! This life changing experience builds a quality relationship based on love, trust and communication for the staffing volunteers, the children participating and their respected families. Since their first outdoor event in the New York area several years ago, it’s incredibly inspiring to see them host the first adaptive climbing festival for the entire community at one of the most renowned bouldering areas in the country, Horse Pens 40. 

Pictured: Rafael with Evolv climber, Ronnie Dickson at Peak Potential’s first outdoor event.


As difficult of a sport rock climbing is with our own mental and/or physical limitations we set for ourselves, the sport lends itself to anyone willing to challenge themselves and push past their boundaries. With all the subtle intricacies involved in rock climbing, it is amazing to see its versatility and how much it can influence change in a person’s life.