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A Need For More Trash Talking

Buttermilks is having a contest to trigger a cascade of environmentally friendly behavior, and here’s why…

I can’t help but feel spoiled at the number of walk up crags there are in California like Joshua tree or Bishop. Not only are you presented with some of the easiest approaches, but you are simultaneously gifted with the most breathtaking views such as the eastern sierras greeting you every morning or feeling so small and insignificant amongst the massive granite boulder fields.

As I walk through the desert terrain, enjoying the natural landscapes and learning its history, I run across empty water bottles hiding from the beaming desert heat. I look around and see shrubs decorated with plastic wrappers; empty beer cans lying around too drunk to do anything with themselves. How did we get to this point?

When I think about home, I have a sense of peace and calm as my surroundings are kept clean and tidy. Our minds are naturally placed into a more relaxed state when there is order around. When I step outside of my home, the world outside does not suddenly become the world’s largest waste bin; it is merely an extension of my home. This planet is where I live and I should give it the love and respect I have for my own place of residence.

Adopting the crowd mentality that “someone else will pick it up” or “it’s okay to leave this here because someone else left this here” makes you no better than the person who left their garbage. If your friend came to visit your place and left their trash lying around, would you leave it there for someone else to pick up, or would you clean up after them? As much as we are strangers to each other, we are all of the same kind sharing the same space. Instead of treating each other as separate beings, we need to understand that we are all human.

In this life, the problems we have are ones we’ve created for ourselves. If we are the problem, we are the only solution. Let’s be better humans not only to each other, but to our collective home and everything we share this space with.

With that said, what better way to increase awareness by rewarding people for doing good deeds! Buttermilks’ Clean The Crag Contest on Instagram will end July 15. See below for rules and prizes:

1. Post a climbing photo of you climbing at your favorite crag.
2. Post a photo of you doing something for the environment (i.e. picking up trash, volunteering at a trail clean up day, etc.)
3. Tag @buttermilks.climbing in your post and tag a friend in the caption encouraging them to do a good environmental deed


1st place – 100oz chalk (Powder Day), 1 Buttermilks shirt, 1 Balm
2nd place – 30oz chalk (Powder Day), 1 Buttermilks shirt, 1 Balm
3rd place – 10oz chalk (Powder Day), 1 Buttermilks shirt, 1 Balm
4th-10th place – 2.5oz chalk (Powder Day), 1 Balm

Good luck to all and keep up the trash talking! Winners will be announced on our IG (@buttermilks.climbing)