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Jon Irwin

Rock climber, Boulderer, Trad, Sport


Indie brands are always looking to sponsor the youngest and the strongest, understandably so. These kids are only getting stronger as the sport continues to grow alongside them. We decided to change things up a bit and give recognition to an older generation; the ones who were a part of starting it all when climbing was still an unpopular call of the wild.


Jon Irwin has been climbing since before I was even born. Starting his climbing career in 1988, his passion for the sport is still very much alive; some would say more so than of those today. Climbing through the pain of injuries with nothing but a smile on his face, his energy is contagious. If you want to be psyched, make sure he’s around.


When asked what his proudest send is and why, he named a few before coming to this conclusion:

Exit the Dragon at the hidden caves in the Sads was the one. Not many people did it, and not many people knew about it. The movement was super fun to work, and hanging out with the people I was with was just a lot of fun. It was definitely good times.